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> A Bad Day Fishing!, What's your worst day fishing,,,
Posted: Jul 24, 2017 - 06:34 pm

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Wow a horrible story for your friend for sure. Atleast when I fell in it wasn't as cold. I've been out there when it's that cold and man... nothing can warm u up when u get wet.

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Posted: Jul 25, 2017 - 03:56 pm

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QUOTE (Putaforkinya @ Jul 24, 2017 - 06:34 pm)
Wow a horrible story for your friend for sure. Atleast when I fell in it wasn't as cold. I've been out there when it's that cold and man... nothing can warm u up when u get wet.

Scary at the time, HILARIOUS since. just the way he stood up out of his chair, turned around and put his foot right through. then same foot down the other holes we fished 20 mins before. I certainly wouldn't want that to happen.

Last year on Wolseley Bay in October for a muskies Canada outing, one new member had a wet release. went to release his first muskie, leaned a bit too far over and splash, he was swimming with the fish when the air temps were no warmer than 5c. did not know it had happened until that night when his partner was showing the release pics. luckily he wasn't more than 5 minutes away from the lodge and had dry clothes to go back to.

last summer, I was fishing with my sister's bf, throwing small muskie lures (8s/9s) for big pike, and I felt a thud against the side of my head. then a hard tug with a sharp pain. within seconds the whole right side of my head from my nose right around to the back of my neck, and my t-shirt were red with blood. he hooked his biggest catch of his life before the lure hit the water. im standing there, blood dripping down the side of my face, dripping off my eyebrows onto the seat below me and the floor, with a muskie lure sticking out the side of my head. good thing it didn't go past the barb. he just goes "OH S*** are you ok!? I AM SOOO SORRY!!!" and without warning rips it out of my head. the 10 minute ride back, he keeps looking over his shoulder for 2 reasons, 1. that I was ok and wasn't going to feint. and two, that I didn't kill him and dump his body haha. He asks me if I wanna go to the hospital, and if im ok, or if im feeling woozy. I look at him and say "1. Im ok, lets just get back to the cottage so I can get cleaned up 2. im not p##### and im not gunna kill you, it was an accident. 3. No you cannot get a mount of me even though im the biggest living animal or being you will catch in your life, and I get that im a trophy catch. 4. lets get back, im good, I needed a beer anyway." we pull up to the dock and my mom is sitting there reading. she sees us coming in way to fast and watched us with a concerned look on her face. then I turned my head to grab the rope and she screamed! WHAT HAPPENED!!! "he got the catch of a lifetime"

This was a good excuse for a shower beer though. He did hide from me and kept offering to grab me anything I wanted and I said to my sister "tell him im not mad at him. it was an accident and it happens. its not the first time ive been hooked and probably wont be the last." Luckily it didn't go past the barb otherwise he would have needed to push the hook further in and back through the skin to cut it off so he could pull it back through.

The next time I fished with him was the Balsam Beauty last year and I brought a second bag for a specific reason. when we hopped in his buddies boat, I jumped back out ran to the truck grabbed my Lacrosse goalie helmet, threw it on and said, OK im ready to fish with him now. his buddy died of laughter. he gave an "oh **** off" half laugh reaction. "you aren't going to let that one go are you?" Me: haha, it is my right

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