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> hanging game and from which end
Posted: Feb 22, 2018 - 12:52 pm


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I have always butchered my deer. I don't think hanging head up or head down really makes much of a difference but I do like to hang mine for a week if conditions are right. I find the meat is better.
Cut out as much silver skin and fat as possible and cut out all the bone, The meat will be less "gamey" tasting.
I agree that if you are doing a mount then hang it head down to skin it and leave as much hide as possible behind the shoulders ( peel it like a sock coming of your foot). Cut the head off and leave it with the hide. Leave skinning the head to the taxidermist. You will just screw it up around the eyes and lips.
If you are just butchering for meat then try hanging it head up to skin. I seem to get less hair on the carcass that way. I can't explain why but that's the way it works out for me.

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Posted: Feb 23, 2018 - 07:31 pm

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In my experience if they have horns we have hung them by the horns(or horn in some cases) and does upside down. I was told its better right side up due to the natural grain of the hide to shed the rain water off...but nothing was ever mentioned about the head up or down effecting the quality of meat. Doesnt mean its not so just never mentioned to me.

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