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> More Nipissing Walleye fishing violations
Posted: Oct 07, 2017 - 11:44 pm

Adult Trout

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QUOTE (Fossy47 @ Oct 07, 2017 - 09:38 pm)
Westarm - Thankfully, remorse for kicking over the bucket (by accident of course) DIDN"T set in.
That 'no understand card' has been played way to often to believed.
It is sad, as most of us do try to observe the rules at all times.

Unfortunately more enforcement of the current rules are necessary.

Isn't that what the license fees are supposed to support?

Wow. I tried to stay out of this one but I now feel that I must reply.
Please don't encourage anyone to willfully break any law (forum rules). Kicking over a pail of fish because you feel they are too small amounts to vigilantism and that could have resulted in a harassment charge to the instigator. In truth, there is no minimum size requirement for keeping bass, and a sportsman license permits 6 per person. From the narrative you can ascertain that there was more than one person there and it could have been that they were keeping all their fish in one pail, the fish were not counted so there is no way of knowing if they were over the limit. It also was stated that when the bucket was spilled the fish were freed, this implies that the pail was full of water, otherwise the fish would have been dead.
On the other hand, if the fish were dead then spilling the pail resulted in the wastage of fish that were intended for human consumption (another violation).

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Posted: Oct 08, 2017 - 07:44 am

World Record Trout

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QUOTE (westarm @ Oct 07, 2017 - 09:28 am)
QUOTE (Fish4Dinner @ Oct 06, 2017 - 08:17 am)
QUOTE (westarm @ Oct 03, 2017 - 07:09 pm)
QUOTE (FatRap @ Oct 03, 2017 - 03:30 pm)
Kudos to the person who phoned in the complaint on these three POS, I would like to say they got what they deserved but I don't think it was enough for these repeat offenders.

agreed fatrap, I had a difficult time holding back on my post, I would have loved to say MUCH more!!

only good thing is they got caught!!

I remember kicking over a pail full of small fish one time at a local lake, they were not too happy with me but oh well!! it was an "accident" lol

Were they legal caught fish? If they were and you kicked it over on purpose you are a POS!
Were they illegal caught fish? If they were and all you did was kick the pail over... you are a POS!

So which one was it?

If you are going to do something... do it right or you will end up looking like a POS.

If u consider a pail of 6-8 inch smallmouth and 2 micro pike legal and keepers than label me whatever you want. I am cool with that. For the record not that I feel the need to justify any thing I do, when I told them the fish were too small and they had entirely too many bass, they played the "I no understand" card. So I "accidentally " tripped on the bucket which ironically freed all the fish.

so no law was broken by those anglers.... you stated over the limit of bass and I won't take your word for it because you didn't count... you only assuming they were over. But you took it into your own hands to free their catch because you do not like the size of fish they kept. Wow you must be proud bullying innocent people.

I rather people keep those 6-8 inch bass then those 5-7 lbs bass.

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Posted: Oct 08, 2017 - 09:26 am

Lunker Trout

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Wow. Ok my apologies for being such a bad person. I would gladly buy him some fish and chips to make up for my horrible decision years ago. Lol. I can honestly say I won't post on this thread anymore. Apparently I am a bully and a law breaker?? Let me just say in closing, if those name calling and finger pointing were there to see this dog and pony show u may just have a completely different opinion. And please in the future don't "assume" things, as in fish being spoiled and less than 6 bass, I can look in a pail and count past 6. In fact if I use my toes I can even get to 20. No one even asked if the guy had a license. Which HE DID NOT in fact he DIDN'T KNOW WHAT A LICENSE IS!! so the next time someone posts on a forum about protecting our country and it's resources maybe things shouldn't get quite so sideways. The thread wasn't labelled "man kicks over pail of undersized fish that were in illegal possession of man that no understands" Cheers!

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