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> walleye fishing surprise, burbot/ling
Posted: Aug 30, 2017 - 04:43 pm

Lunker Trout

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QUOTE (The Spank @ Aug 25, 2017 - 12:47 pm)
Burbot or Ling were extremely common on Nipissing and connected waters at one time but they were regarded as a garbage fish and by spring the ice would be covered in thousands of dead ones year after year as ice fishermen threw them on the ice instead of back down the hole. By the late 70's they had virtually disappeared. Now it appears they are slowly repopulating as evidenced by more starting to show up more frequently in catches. The pic of the fish above is definitely a Burbot(Ling) not to be confused with the northern ontario french slang "barbotte" for catfish (brown bullhead).

This pic is of the new world record Burbot caught in Alberta in the winter of 2016. It went 25lbs 3oz. Nipissing by the way used to have scores of 10 pounders at one time and they are fantastic eating!! As mentioned above they are a member of the cod family.

great info spank. it kinda saddens me when people just kill any fish. they are all there for a reason and playing "god" just messes up the eco system.

btw I had about a 5 pound drum on last week and lost it at the boat. bummer! was going to cook it up!!

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