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> What everyone’s favorite fishing store
Posted: Jul 16, 2018 - 05:27 pm

Smolt Trout

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QUOTE (Dangerfield @ Jul 16, 2018 - 03:11 pm)
1st and foremost I use Tackle Warehouse as a point of reference for tackle review, colour selection and what's new/popular. If it's in budget, I'll place an order, typically in the winter time once everything from the iCast has been loaded on their site.

Online retailers - eBay takes the cake and I avoid Amazon like the plague. If you're savvy, ebay is an excellent choice, you can find great deals with certain tackle stores. PM for the best option with no customs surprise at the front door. I've bought reels, tackle etc.

Big Box: I live in Barrie so Cabela's is my go-to as it's the biggest and offers the best selection in my area. I will go to Crappy but it's usually not a consideration unless I find an item I want on sale like braid/fluoro line or Zoom baits. Only Crappy has them. BassPro is Cabela's on sterorids, but the kicker is they carry almost 80% of the exact same baits etc but they'll have a deeper colour and weight selection. The other 20% can be golden for some good American brands like River2Sea, Spro, spec. Abu Garcia rods etc. but I find they don't carry any Daiwa reels which is a damn shame. SAIL has a great offering and I wish they were closer, they carry the top shelf JDM brands like Megabass, maybe not their entire product line or rods etc. but they bring it in.. I can't say the same for Cabela's, BPS, Crappy.

Ma N' Pa shops: True North (88 and Yonge) has a good selection of baits, with little cross over with the big boxes. He's got Duo Realis, YoZuri, and a few other unique offerings. Also, they've got no name blanks and a few unique products from yesteryear. I've seen Daiwa Aird rods in there for $50 right beside the Berkley Lighting rods. Pro J's (3467 Sheppard Ave E) in Scarborough is the BEST tackle shop in Toronto - they sponsor many pro's and have the product to back it up. They carry the BIG brands, Megabass, Duo, Lucky Craft, Dobyns, Keitech, Missile Baits, Net Baits, Jackall, Spro, I could be here all day. No website but try their FB page for product updates. They have friendly knowledgeable staff that can help you through the purchasing process. If you're lucky a pro will be there to give you his advice too.

TLDR: PM me.

It's interesting you avoid amazon like the plague I watch it like none other as it uses an algorithm I won't bore you with the details but essentially its like a giant auction house where fringe items like certain fishing items can be discounted far greater than i've ever seen here's my most recent example a nice pair of polarized fishing glasses

Amphibia Exodus Amber Wave Sunglasses, White
Sold by: Amazon.com.ca, Inc.
Return eligible through Aug 9, 2018
CDN$ 35.72

here are the same glasses at tackle warehouse for 138.99$ USD or converted to CAD $182.65


Instantly after buying my sunglasses they shot up to $147 cad thus restarting the internal auction progress,

Okuma's Helios Mini Guide Lightweight Fishing Rod-HS-CM-701MH (Silver, 7-Feet)
Sold by: Amazon.com.ca, Inc.
CDN$ 86.35

same rod at tackle warehouse


$179.99 USD or $236.53 cad After I bought it the rod instantly again jumped up to $200 or something stupid restarting the auction process.

DISCLAIMER this only works with fringe brands don't expect a metanium for $150 cad I did get a lews magnesium speed spool $280 usd at tw for $160 cad once though, after I bought it, the reel jumped to $340 cad I was quite proud of that buy.

Obviously other stores/sites have great deals but they're not putting stuff 80% the way amazon does on a small amount of products.

2 rules for buying amazon is you can never be in a hurry to purchase anything and any slight deviation will be costly ie 7:1:1 gear ration may be $80 reel while a 8:1:1 same reel may be $160 mh or hvy may vary greatly in price left or right retrieve as well.

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Posted: Jul 16, 2018 - 07:43 pm


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What you described was the exact reason I choose not to invest to much efforts into Amazon. Not the algorithm part but the rollercoaster price changes. Your explanation makes total sense. I followed the two rods and 2 dozen baits. The 2 rods are unique to our market, Dobyns Fury and Okuma TCS, neither are sold in the big boxes. Maybe the TCS at Sail but I live to far north to frequent the Vaughan location. I saw the Fury jump from $135 cad to $195 in a matter of days. Same thing with the TCS, it started out around the same as the fury and jumped north of $200. I ended up going to pro J's and purchased the Fury. I found with the baits, they were generally more expensive and most didn't offer prime free shipping. I will acknowledge that they have some jdm swimbaits that aren't even on TW but the availability is a small window.

Thanks for the insight, I'll try to visit it more regularly.

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