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> Slot size rules help preserve walleye supply
Posted: May 24, 2011 - 04:38 pm

Smolt Trout

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More info about the Lake Nipissing Walleye Slot sizes :

Few things are more delightful than the quiet sizzle of a frying pan filled with walleye fillets over a wood fire. The only thing that might be better is eating the walleye which has a taste and aroma all its own.

Walleye has a special place in North Bay's history. For centuries First Nations relied on Lake Nipissing's seemingly inexhaustible supply as a major food source.

The Dionne quintuplets triggered the tourist explosion. The thousands who travelled north to see the quintuplets also discovered Lake Nipissing. They took back the news that in North Bay there was a wonderful lake full of delicious walleye. Out of this came the tourist industry which still means so much to this city today.

Walleye bring dollars and jobs to motels, hotels, restaurants and garages. It helps the most humble of bait shops.

The species' ever-increasing popularity has inevitably put the walleye population under considerable stress. This is a polite way of saying that if too many people continue catching too many fish, the results could be disastrous for Lake Nipissing in general and the North Bay economy in particular.

This means that everyone who uses Lake Nipissing in any way has a considerable responsibility to conserve.

Conserving and enhancing fish stocks in Lake Nipissing and every other lake in Northern Ontario is terribly important. Mineral riches can be dug out of the ground and create jobs and wealth, but minerals are finite.

If Ontarians conserve their lakes and forests fish and wildlife will be here to benefit their children and many generations beyond.

Few enjoy being told what to do by interfering bureaucrats. But let's be honest. If it were not for all those interfering bureaucrats, and the biologists and assorted wildlife experts, plus the efforts of all kinds of sporting associations and conservation activists, there might not be any walleye left.

So when you go fishing check the regulations. There are differences in slot sizes between Lake Nipissing and Lake Temagami. Fish grow faster in some lakes than in others.

The regulators want to preserve as many mature female fish as possible so they can produce more walleye for future anglers to enjoy.

So go fishing and have a truly great time. But do not forget those slot sizes. If observed, they will help create walleye for your grandchildren.

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