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> Upper French River Fishing
Posted: Jul 26, 2021 - 09:16 am


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Hello. Not looking for specific spots to fish just general information on the area. We have an opportunity to fish the upper French River out of Dokis. I've heard mixed things about the fishing from it has decent musky, walleye, bass and pike to it has really declined in recent years. We mostly catch and release bass and pike, with some attention paid to walleye. Does anyone have recent experience in the area? Any information on general techniques and type of structure to focus on would be very appreciated. Thanks

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Posted: Jul 29, 2021 - 10:40 am


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I go to the Tilted toque every year for a fishing trip (right in Dokis). Musky fishing is tough but you can definitely get a monster with some commitment to staying out there. I have a cottage on Nipissing as well and the fishing is considerably better on Nipissing then the French I find. last few years have been a tough go there. we use bottom bouncers and get some pickerel but not like the old days thats for sure.

I was there at the end of June and we caught nothing worth bragging about and spent 5 plus hours out each day for 3 days straight

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Posted: Jul 29, 2021 - 08:03 pm

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Have to agree a bit with the trailer park boy.
Fished the full length of the French, from Georgian Bay to Nipissing, including the upper French past Dokis to the main lake, many many times.
As well, I lived on and fished Nipissing proper for decades.
I to feel Nipissing is possibly better...from the start of the open water season to finish.
We've had good results at times for pickerel, pike, bass and muskie in and heading out of the bays on the upper French...from the start of the open water season to late spring/early summer...then again as the water starts cooling in the fall.
But I feel like the overall bait fish movement on the upper French is out to the large area of cooler, deeper, water at the mouth of the French into the main lake the summer progresses towards early fall.
And it feels like many of the larger predator species follow them out there for much of the summer.
That's just MO, personal experience and preference...I could be slightly biased based on my geographic location on the lake.
But we do see lots of bait fish, on the electronics, at the mouth of the French during the dog days of summer.
When we've fished the upper French during the heat of the summer, that's where we've headed...the reefs, weed beds, structure at the mouth of the French surrounding the deep water basin out there.
With that said, I also know many experienced fishermen and guides that do quite well on the upper French, all summer long.
Similiar to RandyLahey we've used bottom bouncers and spinner rigs for the pickerel there...a lot of up and down depth changes and structure.
The one draw back to fishing out at the mouth of the French, heading into the main the wind and the weather. It's big water out there.
Conditions can change in a heart beat.
Pay attention to the wind direction, wind velocity and expected changes. Weather and wind apps are almost a necessity for out there.
You're much more exposed at the mouth of the French. It can be down right scary at times.
Crapped my pants more then once out there in a blow.
Good luck bahr33. Let us know how you do.

Posted: Aug 02, 2021 - 09:45 pm


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cover water over structure ranging from 10-30fow at the tops, look for forage and fish on DI then return and spot lock jigging live bait vertically. easy to key onto the most active reefs, once you find them. some finesse in finding the right presentation and which stuctural element they are feeding on. good luck

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