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> Nip sustainability, Size of Walleye in Nip
Posted: Jul 04, 2018 - 12:35 pm

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Exactly what Grumpa said and x2 Fatrap ^^^^^

This sentence summarizes perfectly my sentiments:

"This message board is better suited (IMO) for positive input and discussion, and a platform for proud anglers to display fishing accomplishments.."

Thank-you to our great members who contribute and share.

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Posted: Aug 05, 2018 - 07:08 am

Parr Trout

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No suprise that when 90% of the angling harvest is removed for a significant period of time the fishery will recover to some extent. There are two factors at work in keeping the abundance of fish over 40cm from exploding.

The first is the reduced growth rate due to the abundance of walleye under 40cm. While MNRF did not cite it as a factor in their brief statement about the continued stressed condition it was detailed in the independant review from Michigan.

Slowing growth is a consequence of increased within species forage competition. We already see perch populations changing in the winter fishery, likely due to combined angler harvest and greater use of juvenile perch by more juvenile and early adult walleye.

Secondly the netting harvest is dominated by fish around the 40cm mark and as small as 35cm to a lesser extent.

Don't get me wrong anglers will catch the odd over 46cm fish but there is unlikely to be a bonanza of these fish under the present management regime.

I would love to be proven wrong by this prediction.

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